Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Over the past couple of weeks I have "written" several posts for this blog in my mind.  None made it past that point as, at least to me, they all came across as being "preachy", "whiny", and one was even a little "bitchy".  I know that this is my blog and therefore, I write the rules.  However is that how I want you to think of me?

We all have our moments when we need to bitch and moan about something.  I would prefer to get it out of my system in a forum that's not recorded for all time for all to see.  What if a potential client or employer were to Google my name and click on such a post?  Is that how I want to be portrayed?  And the thought of being portrayed that way by me makes it worse as I have complete control over what I say.

So while I do want to make this blog successful by posting regularly, I am also very cognisant of what it is that I'm writing (or not writing in this case).

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